My ideas about intimate relationships (marriage) have developed over the past 30 years of clinical practice and teaching about relationships to graduate students at a professional psychology program. My ideas have evolved into a comprehensive understanding of relationship that include, but are not limited to looking at relationships simultaneous from the personal and individual perspective, as well as from the perspective of the couple.

Over the years of my practice I have worked with many couples who have helped me immensely in my understanding of relationships. I hope our (my clients and myself) work will help you.

I did my graduate training at Duke University and at Spalding University, earning a Psy.D (Doctor of Clinical Psychology) in 1993. I received a BS from the University of Florida in 1964.

I have been married to a Clinical Psychologist for over 50 years and have 3 grown children (Chris, Ari, and Gabrielle) and 3 terrific grandchildren (A.J., Asher, and Samuel).

Joe Aponte, my husband, and I love University of Louisville Women’s Basketball– we have season tickets. We enjoy going to the theater with friends, exercising regularly, and being actively involved in the lives of our 3 terrific grandsons.

I am hoping to pass on to couples of all ages and all types of relationships the things I know are so important to be able to construct or re-construct a 21st century relationship in which both partners can flourish.

If you wish to contact me, e-mail me at ceaponte01@yahoo.com

Catherine and Joe…

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