Here are a number of specific things to do to help you achieve and maintain the balance between your family life and your work life:

  • List the essential activities and involvements that you wish to maintain
  • Set boundaries to protect this essentials activities, which may require you to say no to activities that will interfere with them
  • Identify the “don’t want to do” items that are aversive, that waste your time, and/or that sap your energy
  • Delegate these and non-essential tasks or find or hire help to do them
  • When you can’t delegate, negotiate what works best for you and your husband/wife
  • Communicate with work associate about family and with their family about work; leads to more satisfied and higher functioning in both areas
  • Make long-term plans with your husband/wife to achieve your balance goals
  • Do regular short-term planning with your spouse. Briefly review activities and arrangements for the coming week every Sunday evening.  Briefly review activities for the next day every evening
  • Prioritize tasks. Don’t overschedule, include ‘slack’ time, so that you can accommodate emergencies
  • Take care of yourself first whenever feasible. You will be less effective if you are depleted.
  • Be professional at work. Arrive early but leave work on a strict schedule.  Block out work when you are at home.  Minimize weekend work.  Be prepared for family emergencies that will call you away from work.

Reference: “Balancing Family and Work: (

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